About Privacy

Fresh Dice is a Bitcoin game. The very premise of Bitcoin is privacy. It should be no surprise that we respect privacy above all else.

Fresh Dice collects only the following information from you:

Username - used to play at Fresh Dice
Password - you're going to need this for security
E-mail - At Fresh Dice, we hate emails, period. We have been having heated debates about the use of emails. Thus far, the results are steady at no emails to our users unless there is something important to say to you, personally. And no email campaigns unless we have something very exciting to talk about. The rest of the time, we're pretty dead set on leaving you alone.

We recommend that you use an email address specific to Fresh Dice and refrain from using your own personal email address. Open an email address at an anonymous email service.

Conditions for underage users:

Simply put, if you are under the age of 18, you cannot play at Fresh Dice.

Cookies Policy

Why Do We Use Cookies On Fresh Dice?
Fresh Dice uses three cookies. We don't obfuscate the name of the cookies. They are:

Username: Your username
Userid: Your user id

Browsers have other data storage capabilities and we use what is called the Local Storage system in your browser to store game specific data. No data which can identify you to others is stored anywhere. Except your username and user id which is used to keep you logged in to our system. If you delete these cookies, you will be logged out of the system and will need to log back in to continue playing.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Fresh Dice is using the latest technological security standards available. For security purposes, we feel it is not wise to publicly provide a list of what we use.

Data International Transfer

Your data will only be made available to any third party if said third party is a government authority and they have guns, or paperwork assuring us they can hurt us if we don't cooperate.